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Singer/guitarist Daniel Wesley, bassist Pietro Marco Luongo and drummer Alexander James Glassford III make up the band known as "Daniel Wesley".

During the course of 2007, this Vancouver trio conquered the West Coast music scene in an unprecedented manner. Formed in January 2007, Daniel Wesley quickly developed a loyal regional following, selling out wherever they performed. Their innovative hybrid sound draws inspiration from Sublime, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson and Pearl Jam among others.

Daniel Wesley sold out their first headline show at the legendary Commodore Ballroom (February 29th, 2008) in five minutes, requiring another show to accommodate the fan demand.

Kim Churchill
has been living and breathing guitar for over a decade. When he plays you can hear the dedication and countless hours of rehearsal and you can’t help but have an appreciation for his talent. When you find out he’s only 20, it puts him in an entirely other league.

“As a young artist, now’s the time for me to be busy” Kim enthuses. “You just have to tour your arse off, record heaps and keep pushing every way you can. It’s been a hectic couple of years but its also been lots of fun.”

Kim Churchill’s style is unique and explosive, with intricate fingerpicking, percussive beats on the body of the guitar, and two-handed tapping intertwined with an earthy stomp box, powerful harmonica melodies and soulful voice. Though his playing is often complex, his songs have an easy, natural flow that certainly reflect the peace of mind that rolling waves and a rising sun possess. Kim Churchill is a live spectacle and a true virtuoso, but unlike so many others who could be labeled as such, he transmits a vibe of genuine modesty. Perhaps it’s his nomadic life on the road or probably his passion for surfing that keeps him grounded.

"I really try to paint a picture of sounds that complement the lyrics I've written", Kim says.