Tickets will be available at Leo's Video (2680 Pandosy St) & Mosaic Books (411 Bernard Avenue).

Presented by Neon Kitten Cabaret & Geminate

The Neon Kitten Cabaret is Western Canada's newest running professional neo/nuvo burlesque troupe. Beginning in the beautiful Okanagan; The Neon Kittens have come together fuelled by a collective desire to revive a new generation of burlesque in the 21st century, while possessing a genuine love for the pin-up girl culture of decade's past. The Neon Kittens combine beauty, sexuality, and sass to produce a beautiful confident showcase.

Geminate Productions ultimate goal is to bring people together to share and celebrate the beauty of life through music, art and dance. The vibe and energy is heavily influenced by the music that is played and we feel that you can bring the right elements to create a positive atmosphere. We pride ourselves with Community, Trust, Respect for the Land, and Freedom Of Movement. In the past we have had a number of events and in the last year we've have had great success with attendance, organization, and over all involvement from participants.

We are not only bringing quality production to the Okanagan dance scene but a sanctuary for our friends to play in. With a generous team of a variety of artists we want to bring an abundance of installation and live art.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, That African is now a fixture in the Vancouver underground. Coming from a hip hop and trip hop back ground, That African involved in music since the age of 16. Expect to hear a repertoire spanning multiple genres (think funk, swing, downtempo, hip hop, trip hop, sexy lounge, and all manner of bass music) sprinkled with a healthy dose of  turntablism.

Here's Trip-Hop/Hip-Hop mix

DJ Rythmia introduces an eclectic selection: deep funk and rare breaks that find their way down the avenue of trending and tasteful electro volcanoes. Lovingly wrapped around thought provoking samples found in the media and beyond.