We're very excited to be able to announce Habitat's second Artist in Residence for The Jail Bird Residency Series 2 and November's Jail Bird Art Show 2: M. Klasen!

We're constantly blown away by the quality of submissions we receive and Matt's use of colour and shapes in a modern graffiti style excites us greatly!

For everyone that submitted, thank you so much! Your work is truly incredible and has shown us the wide variety of talent in our local pool. We're excited to feature support for Matt in three entrants from the The Jail Bird Residency Series 1 & 2 because you're all so talented!

Look forward to M. Klasen turning Habitat into his private art studio over the next 4 weeks as he brings his flavor to the interior. Don't forget to come to the official Jail Bird Art Show 2 to see his completed work!

Here is a sample of Klasen's body of work: